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NIBCARD is a tabletop game company that began in 2013 but was incorporated in 2016.  We believe in spreading the culture of boardgames in Nigeria and we do that by designing games Nigerians can relate to. We also organize free board game events such as gaming nights, hangouts and competitions as well as the African Boardgames Convention (ABCon). And because we believe that this culture must be passed down to the younger generation, we hold regular workshops and training.

Our Services


We imagine stories and we bring them to life. From the designing process to the computer work, we get the job done.

We don’t just design games, we manufacture them too. We have a team dedicated to making the games physical.

We manufacture, market, advertise and also do market research for our games.


We are actively involved in the promotion of boardgames in Nigeria through organizing boardgame hangouts as well as the African Boardgame Convention.

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